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Sandie's art will pull your heart strings! They are more alive than photos, while showing nature's spirit through artistic interpretation. Absolutely lovely!
-- Arleen Boyd, 10/18/18

Absolutely beautiful. You are so talented.
-- Janet Terry Dowdy, 6/14/17

Irma and I were just reviewing your paintings. Wow! They are just awesome. Continue to do what you do. Many others are blessed, enspiresdand and encouraged by you sharing your gift. Zin
-- Zin, 2/14/15

As I've always said, you are an awesome gift to the world, professionally and personally. Your work expresses the true heart of who you are. You make each piece of art come alive. Many will know you by your fruit; your art work. Your art work will go far beyond where your feet can take you. Blessings to you. Zin
-- Dr. Zin White, 4/25/14

You're, a heck of a Renaissance Lady, Sandie--keep making your hobby real!
-- Carl Dodson, 3/12/14

I love your paintings and I love your website. Both are so beautiful. You are so blessed to be able to see and express what you see in such beautiful ways. Your work should be in a museum or gallery somewhere! Wow!Do you ever teach others to paint? I see so much beauty in the world and have no medium to express it. I write a little poetry but often wish I could draw or paint. I have just never had the talent or opportunity to learn it I guess.
-- Gordon Witt, 9/1/13

I am in such amazement of your pictures. Have you done any of yourself and J C? Would love to see them.
-- Janet Terry , 4/1/12

Love the "Prillaman Fox Hunt" as well as all of your work.
-- Barbara/raymond Prillaman, 10/31/10